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The Housekeeping Case Study All Hoteliers Need!

Your housekeepers are an integral part of your hotel's workforce, so it's imperative that you pay particular attention to this department's efficiency. If your housekeeping department is not tightly managed, it can result in high labor costs and low productivity.

With that said, we've discovered an easy way to increase the efficiency of your housekeeping department by making a slight adjustment to your MPR standards. Take a look at our case study to find out how one of our customers were able to increase productivity and reduce housekeeping costs by 7.4% with this simple change. It's so easy, you can try this at your hotel today!

How Can Your Hotel Benefit From This Case Study?

Labor Costs

By using the method outlined in this case study, you will notice a reduction in labor costs.

Increase Productivity

Your housekeeping department will undoubtedly become more productive in a short period.

Greater Accountability

You will be able to hold your housekeepers accoutable for their performance easily.

About Hotel Effectiveness

Hotel Effectiveness is the only complete labor management solution designed exclusively for hotels. By working with you to develop the right labor standards, helping your managers schedule employees to those standards, automating labor monitoring and identifying best practices across your portfolio - our cloud-based suite of labor management tools will quickly increase your profit and reduce your risk.

Hotel Effectiveness has helped nearly a thousand hotels across every major hotel brand achieve real results quickly. From smaller economy hotels to large convention hotels, our solution is fit for all types of properties.

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Here's what our customers say...

Standardized our Labor Management

"Hotel Effectiveness has standardized our labor management, providing a blueprint for how to properly staff our hotels. Additionally, their robust catalog of alerts have provided insight as to how resources are being used at our properties, enabling us to make better staffing decisions."

Jansen Medeiros, Managing Director, Hawaiian Hotels and Resorts

A No-Brainer For Overworked Managers

"We needed a system that was a no-brainer for overworked hotel managers. Hotel Effectiveness is really easy for our managers to use and ensures that they pay appropriate attention to watching their payroll."

Steve Shealy, VP of Operations, Image Hotels